Want to Build Your Own Drone But Have NO Idea Where to Start?

Learn how YOU can build your own drone in one week or less, without wasting hours and hours YouTubing and Googling (only to find partial solutions)

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Regardless of your background or why you want to build a drone, you have found the only resource you will need!
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From: Caleb Bergquist
Tulsa, Oklahoma

My name is Caleb Bergquist, and I'm part of an underground group of drone hackers and innovators that you've probably never heard of. 

Yet over the last 3 years, we've helped over 9,000 people just like you bring their drone goals into reality, with the Drone Dojo being one of the fastest growing online drone education platforms in the world

Which is kinda crazy, especially since I was just like you 4 years ago. Interested in this new drone technology, but totally overwhelmed by the learning process and almost quitting many times.

And you know what? If you quit, it wouldn't be your fault. You have the drive, you have the vision. You've just been trying to learn with the wrong strategy. There's just so much bad information out there! 

I had absolutely zero background in drones or robotics, but was possessed by the idea of drone delivery being the future! Some of you may feel a similar passion about a drone idea you want to bring to the world. 

Yet after years of trial and error (4 to be exact), I was finally able to create an autonomous delivery drone with the principles I learned on my learning journey. 

Looking back on my journey, I knew there had to be a better way to learn about drone building/engineering than the endless googling and youtubing that seemed to be the drone learning standard. 

See, if you want to learn calculus, you get a calculus book. If you want to bake a cake, you get a cook book. The theme here is to speed up the learning process you consume material from people who already know what you want to learn. 

If you want to guarantee an unnecessarily long and painful learning experience, try learning that new subject on your own trying to be your own instructor (that's what I did..)

Unfortunately, there wasn't really a good comprehensive curriculum to learn drones the way you could learn about calculus or baking. Learning about drones on your own used to be the only option.

I became obsessed with developing curriculum to streamline the learning process for hopeful drone engineers/tinkerers coming behind me, which is why I developed the drone building and engineering course which takes people from complete beginner to programming autonomous missions in 6 hours of content. 

If you are serious about building your own drone, or bringing some new innovative drone idea into the real world, this course really is a no brainer. It could honestly make a 6 month journey a 1 week journey. 

How much is your time worth to you?

This is the cookbook of drone building. If I had what I am now offering you, my 4 year journey could have been 3 months. I am quite jealous of you, actually, and can guarantee this course would rapidly speed up your learning curve.

So... What's So Special About This Course?

(And How Can You Use it to Rapidly Prototype Drone Ideas?!)

Think of a raspberry pi. They have been used to prototype an infinite amount of ideas, and can really be thought of as the ultimate prototyping tools for engineers and inventors. 

Now imagine building a drone with a raspberry pi onboard. The infinite potential of a raspberry pi now unlocked to the domain of drones.

In this course, we walk you through how to build your very own raspberry pi drone. Not only that, we show you the exact parts you will need to build your own drone from scratch, since one of the most difficult parts of building a drone is selecting the right parts!
That taco delivery mission you just watched in the video above? That was only possible because the drone had a raspberry pi onboard. 

There is a reason why raspberry pi drones are the ultimate project drone, and that is because you can easily code them to perform whatever application your imagination can come up with. (PS, if the word 'coding' scares you, don't worry about it. The course also shows complete beginners how they can begin drone coding with zero experience)

Don't take my word for it. Hundreds of other students have gone through this course and implemented their ideas into the real world with their own raspberry pi drones. Here are some example projects our graduates have developed:

Top Projects Drone Dojo Graduates Have Developed

  • Autonomous drone fishing
  • Drone-in-a-box applications for automated landing and re-charging
  • Drone delivery
  • ​Drones controlled by computer vision algorithms
  • ​Drone Swarms
  • ​Human motion based commanding of drones
  • ​Autonomous geo-fencing to not allow flight in restricted areas
  • ​So much more!!!
As you can see, this raspberry pi drone paired with this curriculum will turbo charge your efforts to achieve your drone goals much MUCH faster!
Whether that's simply building an awesome raspberry pi drone, or building an advanced drone application (like the ones above), YOU now have the right learning strategy. The right cookbook.

Now I want to help YOU create and develop your own drone applications! Click the button below to reserve your seat in this course!

When You Get This Value Packed Drone Building Course... Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You'll Discover...

Section #1: Drone Anatomy

In this section we cover the basics of drone anatomy. Basically every part that goes into building a drone, you will learn about. This section is perfect for complete beginners and a good refresher for experienced drone users. So if you were holding off on building the drone because you didn’t know about the parts, that excuse is no longer valid!

Section #2: Drone Design and Part Selection

We show you the design and engineering principles behind selecting the right parts for your own drone build. This demystifies the part selection process. Maybe you’re working on a drone that needs more lift, and therefore you want to build an octocopter instead of the pre-selected quadcopter drone we provide our students with? This section gives you the confidence to spec out your own parts for a custom drone build.

Section #3: Build the Drone from Scratch

We'll walk you through exactly how to put the drone together, step by step. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never touched a soldering iron before in your life, watching this section will give you the confidence to put the parts together- you in NO way have to be amazing with tools to build your drone after watching this section.

Section #4: Setup, Calibration and Manual Flying

Then once you have a flyable drone, we show you how to calibrate all the sensors and set up the drone. Since your drone doesn’t come with an instruction manual, you can think of this section as the setup and instruction manual so you can be confident your drone is safe for flying. We then go out to the field and show you the basics of flying the drone manually with all the different flight modes.

Section #5: Using the Raspberry Pi And Coding Autonomous Drone Missions

The last section is the most exciting section. At this point we’ve flown the drone and know it works. Here, we walk you through how you can program your drone to fly autonomously with just simple python scripts. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never coded before, we show you exactly how to program your drone to fly basic missions all by itself (no human pilot required!). This section will unlock basically any drone application you can think of once you have mastered this material.

What Are Others Saying About This Course?

B Mutt
Wow! This course is covering all gaps that I had for designing, building and operating autonomous drones.

Ritika T
This Course is absolutely amazing! We can read about the drone basics online but a knowledge void still remains. This course very efficiently teaches about even the minute details that are necessary to build a drone on your own. I really appreciate the efforts of the Instructor.

Fahad Al Maas
The best course I have ever taken in drone technology

Divyesh D
this course help me learn a lot of things as a beginner and all my doubts and questions related to making a drone out of raspberry pi from scratch was made easy thanks to this course

Vaibhav E
Very nice course , I was looking for a platform to apply my knowledge in ROS and vision and this course bridged the gap for me , again a big thanks man !!! :)

Nebi G
I am writing from Türkiye . I did a lot of research. Ros is open source, but I have never seen it in any way literally telling this topic. If you want to learn and implement something related to open source and drone, this course is for you.

Angelo F
Clear and complete course; is what I was looking for as a beginner!!!

Arup Ranjan D
Excellent program. Learned a lot. Very lucidly explained

Save Your Seat For This Course Now and Get These FREE Bonuses!

Bonus #1 - GPS-less Flight for Indoor Flight Lectures

This is an important subject because GPS isn’t available inside, but a ton of drone applications will take place indoors, like inventory scanning in warehouses. These lectures aren’t available anywhere else- ONLY with this special offer!

Total Value: $100.00

Bonus #2 - Build a Drone Calculator

This allows you to estimate the thrust your drone needs based on the estimated weight of the drone parts you have selected. This is crucial if you plan on selecting your own parts and not building from a pre-selected drone kit.

Total Value: $37.00

Bonus #3 - Access to a Mentor/Drone Sensei for When You Get Stuck

When you’re in college, you ask your instructor if you have a question. Well who do you ask online? With this offer we’re including access to a drone coach’s contact information for when you get stuck or have questions. PS, it'll probably be me :)

Total Value: $300.00

Bonus #4 - Drone Innovator Forum Access

Another crucial part of learning in college is partnering and studying with your classmates. We help simulate that by giving you access to our community forum of drone students just like yourself so you can socialize, help one another and lookup solutions to other student’s problems! It's like StackExchange only for drone nerds!

Total Value: $147.00

Time Is Of The Essence...

Here's why...

I've listed myself as one of the bonuses for the offer I'm presenting to you now, and I only have so much time to help students.

I would never want to dilute your experience by not being able to provide top notch support to you as your Drone Sensei.

For this reason, I can only let so many students purchase this course at a time. I have had instances in the past where I had to close enrollment simply because I couldn't help everyone. 

So if you're seeing this page, it means we are accepting enrollment- so I wouldn't wait around to enroll if you know you need this offer. 

Here Is My "Bro You Have Lost Your Mind" Guarantee

I 100% guarantee that you'll love this course, or you can get all of your money back AND I'll even let you keep the bonuses. 

You really have nothing to lose. If the course delivers for you, it was money well spent and you saved a TON of time, and you're well on your way to achieving your drone goals.

If it didn't and you are within 30 days from your initial purchase, simply send me an email and you'll get your money back NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!

Sound fair?

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Order This Drone Building Course Today!

  • Drone Building Course                                                   ($197)
  • ​Indoor Flight Lectures                                                     ($100)
  • ​Drone Building Calculator                                              ($37)
  • ​Access to Drone Mentor/Sensei                                    ($300)
  • ​Access to Our StackExchange for Drones                    ($147)

Total Value: $781.00

Get Your Offer Today For Just...


This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Claim It Now Before Someone Else Takes Your Seat and Enrollment is Closed!...

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter, and I hope you enjoy this course! I know it will launch you into attaining your goals in fraction of the time. 

I look forward to hearing about your drone successes in the future!

Caleb Bergquist

PS In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I'm offering you a 6 hour drone building course that walks you through how to build a raspberry pi drone and teaches the basics of drone hardware theory, drone designing and building, and autonomous programming. You're getting this course for $99. Tons of others have bought at this price for the course alone, but you're also getting 4 other bonuses while we have seats open for enrollment. 

If after 30 days you decide you didn't like the course, send me an email and you'll get your money back - NO questions asked. I'll even let you keep the bonuses. 

So if you're serious about drone building, autonomous drones or advanced drone applications, this really is a no brainer. 

You really have nothing to lose.

So click the button below to opt in for this offer and kickstart your drone goals! Hundreds of others have. You won't regret it. 
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